Urban Geko, a graphic design Orange County web development firm has the processes, people, and technology to transform your business’s online presence by way of SEO and Pay Per Click advertising. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it becomes imperative to build an online image. These techniques often fall into the overall brand architecture.

Marketing messages delivered online have the power to reach not only to thousands, but millions of people. What was previously overlooked is now becoming increasingly relevant. It also creates a need for a quality Orange County graphic design firm such as Urban Geko to continuously deliver incremental value to customers – which the company has been doing so effectively for many years.

Urban Geko’s organic SEO drives traffic to your website

When it comes to graphic design, Orange County does have a lot of companies who can do this. Not many firms provide complete website design, development, and marketing solutions such as Urban Geko. This firm could easily be classified as an end-to-end website development and design company with additional marketing capabilities integrated as part of delivery.

SEO helps your website feature in search engine search results. With good SEO, your website features in the top ten search results. Statistically, most online visitors tend to think that the first page results are the most relevant. And hence, they avoid going to the succeeding pages of search results.

Pay Per Click

A graphic design, Orange Country web development firm such as Urban Geko (www.urbangeko.com) can create great PPC ads – Pay Per Click ads. These ads appear in the search results or as a part of search results based on a keyword. So when a user is looking for something on the Internet, which is closely or remotely related to your business, these ads appear in the search results.

Not only can this Orange Country graphic design company create contextually relevant, attractive, and persuasive ads. Urban Geko can even set up your Pay Per Click account.

As you can note here, your website’s ranking is being organically increased, and supporting it are the Pay Per Click ads. This combination will do wonders for your business.


Trust Urban Geko to be your ideal Orange Country graphic design company. Urban Geko has a team of SEO and PPC experts who can do the job for you. They, in conjunction with the design team, create winning marketing messages for you. Visit http://www.urbangeko.com to learn more.